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LHD450 Slip Type Double Heads Wire Drawing Machine


LHD450 Slip Type ,Rod Breakdown Drawing Machine(with Continuous Annealer) 

The machine is used for drawing EC copper rod from Φ8.0mm to Φ1.5-3.5mm which can be annealed is wound by automatic double spooler or pack coiler.
Main Performance Characteristics

◎The main drawing machine is whole structure and whole machinery process, high precise, low vibration, stable running and long life span;
◎Drawing capstan by full immersion in drawing lubricant for cooling ,drawing die holder  by spraying, the overall double-layer structure of drawing base with an overflow hole, prevent liquid splashing liquid and ensure the site clean; a four-way mechanical sealing is used between drawing base and gearbox. Drawing lubricant and gear oil do not mix with each other.
◎The drawing capstan with reasonable structure, assemble and disassemble more convenient by accurate position;
◎Two wires drawing machine efficiency is double than one wire drawing machine, but the energy  consumption is 8-10% lower than one wire drawing machine
◎Cantilever type pay off stand for copperrod with air cylinder position fix system with rod stop system if rod knotted.
◎Three-phase alternating current annealing, high efficiency; conductive wheels using special cooling structure, easy maintenance; achieve near-zero speed annealing, and annealing high quality.
◎Accumulator tension controlled by pendulum rod, with less resistance but more sensitive.
◎Automatic double spooler, non-movable wire traverse, tidy and stable; central push structure, bobbin change wire pressure and loose structure, 100% successful push rate, and high successful bobbin change rate.
Main Technical Parameter