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ABZ(Shanghai) Smart Technology Co.,Ltd is located in charm Shanghai along the Huangpu river. The background of ABZ establishment is based on common dream and rich experience of wire and cable industry. ABZ stays true to the mission and sets sail from the heart

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JLK 630 Rigid Frame Stranding M

The machine is used for stranding long length and large section aluminum alloy, bare aluminum, copper, ACSR, sector condu...

LFD450/13 Non Slip Type Rod Bre

LFD450/13 Non Slip Copper Rod Breakdown Machine The machine is used for drawing electrical copper rod from Φ8.0mm to Φ...

JLK630 Rigid Frame Stranding Ma

This machine (with lumped loading device) is suitable for producing large length, compact, bare Al/Cu wire, and ACSR, alu...

LHD450 Slip Type Double Heads W

The machine is used for drawing electrical copper rod from Φ8.0mm to Φ1.2-Φ3.5mm, which can be annealed before the out...

JGG630 High Speed Tubular Stran

This machine is suitable for stranding steel, compact, bare A1/Cu wire, aluminum alloy wire and insulated wire core....

CKP Type Drum Twister Laying up

The machine is used for cabling medium/low voltage insulated power cable cores and stranding splitting conductor for high...

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Plant Address: No.89 East Dongcun Road, Jintan District, Changzhou City
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