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JLK 630 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine by Separate motor

JLK 630 Rigid Frame Stranding Machine by Separate motor
(Lumped loading / unloading for bobbins)

The machine is used for stranding compacted sector conductor of long length aluminum alloy, bare aluminum, bare copper, ACSR,  round conductor with compacting of Pre-forming and drawing process,conductor of long length, big cross section XLPE insulated cable.

 Main Performance Characteristics

◎ Each cage and capstan wheel are driven by separate motor, the pitch can be adjusted freely.
◎The cage are transmission by reducer from motor instead of by timing belt; the cage  loading/unloading is driven by cage motor of low speed mode;
◎The spindle for fixed bobbins on the cage is open by pneumatic and clamped by spring device with mechanical safety lock system; and increase the cage rotate speed without the air package system.
◎With position point fixing design to guarantee the accurate match for the cage and bobbin loading and unloading system ,the loading and unloading device can be motorized or hydraulic.
◎Wire-break sensor will be feedback to the power system, can achieve the energy-saving purposes,
◎Electric system can be under remote mode; and wire break can be displayed on the touch screen show the bobbin position on the cage;
◎Intelligent controller system: with energy meters, DP communication, on-site checking PLC system, on-line monitoring; the data can be uploaded to the host by PLC;Through internet can achieve: on-site production data reading and ladder diagram analyse, remote diagnosis, program upgrades, remote maintenance, commissioning guidance and so on.
Main Technical Parameter