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CKP Type Drum Twister Laying up/Armoring Machine


CKP Type Drum Twister Cabling/Armoring Machine for Power Cable


The machine is used for stranding insulated conductor of high/medium/low voltage power  cable  and stranding  Milliken conductor of high voltage power cable. and  power cable can be used for armoring steel wire, steel tape and screening with copper wire; The main composition is the stranding device of five cores or five cores plus one more core with wrapper for cabling the special cable . Number of rotary pay off and the technical  requirements depend on the customer .
Main Capability Characteristic

◎Center Pay-off:  Up toΦ2500 Reel-Fork cantilever type;
 Φ2800 and Greater thanΦ2800 Reel-Pulley type;
◎For side pay off supporting wheel type. The payoff tension is controlled by butterfly type brake. 
◎Side pay off fork is supported by cantilever arm, the pay off tension is controlled by butterfly type brake.
◎Loading and unloading by hydraulic or electric lifting platform, the lift platform can be placed by other lifting device in the workshop if any.
◎DC or AC variable frequency driving system, controlled by PLC with guaranteed synchronization performance and easy maintenance.
◎When Stranding the Milliken conductor, with phase correcting feedback devices and special dies to guarantee the high quality stranding.
◎Imported DC or AC variable frequency controller to achieve a slow start, stop, emergency, with separate butterfly air brake for each part.
◎Touch screen control match with the PLC and computer control system.
◎The rotary caterpillar uses U type timing belt. There is synchronization clamping mechanism for up and down clamping device
Main Technical Parameter